Respecting other people’s opinions regardless of what your view on the matter is a crucial step to take while forming a relationship with a new person. This is also the #1 top mistake that most people make while trying to bond with others. Disagreeing is OKAY, and it doesn’t cause problems. The main concern arises when you start arguing with someone about a matter on which it should be completely acceptable to have two different opinions.

There are certain topics which are up to the individual to decide their viewpoint on and no third person should try to influence them in any form.

Such topics include the following-

Religious and political matters- There have been a LOT of controversies regarding different religions and blaming another religion for any particular event is a terrible thing to do. One should respect one’s choice of religion or if they decide to change their religion instead of being a critic.

Types of clothes they wear- Whether a person decides to buy new the most trending of clothes or what they are comfortable in depends entirely upon them. Some people give preference to comfort over fashion and that’s the way they keep going! I’m not saying that one should dress up inappropriately for a particular occasion. However, if certain clothes don’t match your taste, please don’t go against another person’s sense of style.

There will be many other such topics on which going for or against will be completely acceptable. Examples are debatable topics such as whether or not euthanasia and suicide must be legalised.

I hope everyone realises that we are all unique with different perspectives about the world we live in!






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