No. I will not do what society asks me to do. Instead, I will rebel.

I will rebel because there is an anger burning deep inside of me ever since I realised the sad truth hidden behind the veil of the society. I will rebel because we are now living in the 21st century and it is indeed time for us to leave behind our old notions and move towards the path of progress.

I do not understand who gave the traditional gender roles to both men and women in our society, leaving behind no space for individualism.

What if men want to cook? What if they do not want to seek a job?

What if women want to seek employment? What if they are not interested in cooking?

It’s ironic that we are living in an age of smartphones and supercomputers, but this idea has not evolved with the turn of the century.

Ever since the Victorian era, women have been struggling for their rights, who were not even allowed to divorce their husbands. A loud laugh in a restaurant catches the attention of almost everyone which goes unnoticed when a man does the same. After all, woman must set their  happiness in limits? Keep their voices low?

Men are perceived to be strong, so the one who decides to burst out his emotions in public is downly looked at by the eyes of the society who will tell him to “Man Up” or discuss this weakness behind closed doors. It is not acceptable, you see, to release your pain, no matter how much it kills you from inside.

I ask: Why? Both genders are human. We deserve to be treated as equals.

So I will not live according to what the society asks from me, but according to what is right and what is wrong.

Because above the norms of the society lies the importance of  equality and justice to both the genders.





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  1. Bhaskar says:

    Well written Mohita!

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