Temporary Relations


Many people hate temporary relationships. Some people would think of them as very similar to the sand castles little girls joyfully construct using their brand new “beach kit”, only to be disappointed when the sea shores wash it all away. However, every cloud has a silver lining.

Why do we wish for long term commitments? Yes, it is true that most of us want long term partners in their lives and the ones who have found them are lucky indeed. Yet that doesn’t mean we don’t give short term relationships a chance.

Every person is there to teach you something new. It doesn’t matter if they stay in your lives for a few days or hours or even minutes. They may help you develop a positive change in your personality by something they say or do. They might prepare you for the worst situations, and how to cope with grief and sadness. In a way, they have helped. They may keep you happy for a while by their sense of humour, or show you the way to success… The list is endless.

Treat everyone as a friend without being sure of the future of your friendship and try to get to know people better. The main reason you hate temporary relationships is because you took from them the pain you faced while you were in it, forgetting all the laughter and the good times they gave you! You took the wrong aspects of the relationships with you. Once you start thinking about the positive things you got from the relationships, such as a life lesson, you will view it from a less bitter perspective.

Eventually, life is meant to be a temporary ride and we can’t refuse to enjoy the thrills because they won’t last forever. We might be better off enjoying every moment of the ride instead!

The moments and the memories of short term relations are what will remain captured in the heart and the heart knows no distance and no concept of time. It remembers only the feeling you had at a particular time, irregardless of how long it has been since then.


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  1. Paul says:

    Excellent point, Mohita! I think you are exactly right. Sometimes that person you meet and share a few laughs with may be simply what you need to place your life back on track. A smile, a laugh, a nod of friendship…sometimes that’s all we need.

    Great post. 🙂

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  2. northernite says:

    Beautiful writeup mohita. ❤ from this side of the border.

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