You Drown Not By Falling Into A River, But By Staying Submerged In It- Paulo Coelho

Thank you for nominating me Rahasya for the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge.

This is for Day 3.

When faced with a challenge, everyone has two choices. Either it is to stay in the river you fell in, or to swim out of it. What you do is up to you to decide. Will you complain about the problems which you are facing and let your life move on with problems like huge boulders that can never be removed from your path? Or will you realize that your challenges can never be greater than you yourself?

A defeated person is not one who falls every once in a while, because failure is necessary for you to regain your strength and get set on your track once again. You learn something from every failure.

But being submerged is when you stop learning from mistakes and failture. You don’t learn anymore because you have fallen into the pit of self-loath and seem to have lost all control over negative thoughts and fear revolves around your life.

You must rise and not allow setbacks to affect your self esteem. You have not drowned yet. But you may if you do not start swimming.

I would like to nominate these three bloggers for the challenge. Looking forward to your participation.

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