“To Be Yourself In A World That Is Constantly Trying To Make You Something Else Is The Greatest Accomplishment-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Firstly, I would like to thank Untold Diaries for nominating me for the 3 day 3 quotes challenge.

This is for Day 2.

Society expects us to behave in a particular manner and as we grow up, all of us are supposed to become more and more mature in many ways. But those who refuse to act in the way society expects them to are often criticized and labeled as “ill mannered.” On the other hand, I believe that one should never change themselves just for society. There are people with no fear of what others think of them, and they will happily dance and sing around even if others think they are crazy. They are the ones who are living the ideal life: they do whatever they want without thinking too much.


Some of us try to try too hard to impress others so that they will accept us. But remember, they’re not accepting the real you in this case. They’re accepting the altered version.

I would also like to nominate these three bloggers for the challenge. Looking forward to your participation in the same.

  1. Andrea Badgley
  2. Deborah Bryan
  3. Vent Of Life

Rules: Blog on three different quotes for three consecutive days. Thank the person who nominated you and nominate three new bloggers each day of the challenge.


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