Let me start by giving an example. You instantly find yourself attracted to someone whereas you don’t in the case of others. This is even before you know what they are like. That’s because of how a person looks- and unfortunately, today, beauty is only how we look on the outside, and beauty pageants and the celebrities in media have forced us to believe in this even more.

Well, as you get to know a person better, this changes, and finally personality is the only aspect that actually matters to you. That determines whether you will choose to make bonds with that person in the future- or not.


But racism still exists.

Very recently, Yale University was criticized for discriminating on the basis of skin color. Furthermore, there are advertisements for beauty creams to make you look “fairer.” All promoting the wrong idea.

I think its time that we realize that in the end, it doesn’t matter how you look, and it is absolutely no reason to compare yourself to someone. Beauty automatically ends when you age. Personality stays with you throughout your life- so it’s better to invest in what lasts longer.


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  1. A well balanced piece of article. Perception plays a vital role in our likes and dislikes. 🙂

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