Technology: The Darker Side

Technology has enabled us to find cures to the deadliest of diseases such as cancer and it has allowed for improvements in science, research and development to take place. But technology is not all rosy: excessive usage could result in mankind being made slaves of their own inventions. 

Some twenty or thirty years ago, children used to come home from school and rush to the parks, waiting for their friends to arrive as they would spend a happy evening staying fit and enjoying themselves. Today, the parks seem deserted and abandoned, and teenagers roam around scrolling through their mobile phones, straining their eyes for hours and suffering from low concentration problems. 

Today, we have been made the slaves of our own inventions. It was supposed to improve our lives, but it has actually made it worse. Humankind is against humankind. There are bombings in crowded places, and the bombings on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem to have not taught the world how to keep humanity alive, and it has failed to move the hardest of souls. Terrorist groups have emerged as the users of technology who use their creative minds on all of the wrong ideas. 

Why are we using technology in this manner? Problems such as obesity are becoming more common amongst people, the figures more than they ever were in the past. People stick to their cell phones, and those with mental psychological problems such as depression cling to it so that they feel more “connected” with others after reading through their posts and commenting on them, even though they secretly know in their hearts that it isn’t true. What’s worse is that technology has made some people become socially isolated from others, as they find chatting with others online easier than face to face conversations which are more stressful for them.

Of course, all these things don’t mean that you should stop using technology. However, you must thing how to use it in the correct way. Instead of inventing missiles and guns, invent appliances which will make our tasks easier. Instead of staring at mobile screens all day, make sure to keep a time for yourself where you go out in the sun and give yourself some Vitamin C. You must leave what is imaginary: the Facebook “wall”, when in reality it does not exist, the “friends” who you have never spoken to even once, the “likes” you get which are only a matter of number.

One message I wish to convey to the youth of today: You are the ones who know how to use technology. Spread your knowledge to the future generations and teach them how to make the world better for themselves and for others by using the knowledge to create something new, and to use it only a tool instead of making the tool something they cannot imagine their lives without.


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