Don’t just exist, live.

  • AFTER DARK today, go out during the night and look at the stars for a while. When was the last time you observed them this way? Their shine and their brightness? Does your life sparkle in a similar fashion?
  • Ever done something risky and adventurous but thrilling? Like parachuting/ skydiving? Is your life constant and monotonous, or exciting just like such activities?

Well, if you aren’t really enjoying these things in life, then you must start now. Of course, a lot of us call ourselves “busy”. The same old excuse. Want to come over at my place? No, too busy. Did you see that movie? No, haven’t got the time these days. There must be time free for me to spend it on leisure.

Unfortunately, although we work hard to earn this money, it cannot give us happiness or make our life on this planet have a particular purpose. Afar from the pages in our folders and files labelled “important” there is something more crucial: knowing how to live.

These are some of the things you should be doing: Have proper seven hours of sleep daily, exercise daily, take out time to meet friends and relatives, go traveling both in your country and abroad, take care of your health, volunteer in social service and appreciate nature around you. If you do all of these, you will be amongst the lucky ones on this planet who will not just exist, but actually live.

There are so many of us who worry too much over petty issues. At first, worrying may seem harmless, but then, just like a drug, it starts to reveal how harmful it can be. People start suffering from serious problems such as migraines, not being able to concentrate, lack of sleep and at the worst- heart attacks.

Just remember one thing: worrying does NOT solve any problems. You should always try to distract yourself from particular irrational thoughts. However, in some cases this seems really hard to do, and the thought fills up in your mind. The only way you can “reduce” this worry is through positive thinking. One who thinks in a negative way will allow the tsunami of stress to defeat him/her. If you worry about not being able to do something, like a stage performance, practice for it! Take it as a challenge accepted instead of one which you flee from at first sight. Change the viewpoint by which you look at the stage. Instead of thinking, “I am going to be on a platform where at least a hundred people will judge me”, think, “I am going to be on a platform where a hundred people will now be aware of my talents and abilities, and discover any flaws that make me a better performer.” In the end, it is only the perspective that counts.

People tend to realize the fact that low self esteem is conquering their lives and acting like an obstacle towards their path of courage and determination. The reason for the low self esteem is nothing but your perspective. While someone with a low self esteem would have their hopes shattered after a failture, another would be more motivated to work twice as hard and rise amongst all odds.

Some people call positive thinking easier said than done. It’s very easy to be negative about everything in life, and the optimistic quotes that we read do not inspire us for long, as they quickly vanish from our mind.

Focus on the difficult tasks you think will make you think negatively about yourself. Change your viewpoint towards each of them and you shall be able to become positive. Also, eliminate the word “difficult” from your dictionary and think of it as “a task that requires hard work and confidence in your abilities, but is always possible”, which makes doing the task seem more achievable. Remember, what your actions are ultimately a consequence of your thoughts, affecting every field of your life.

If particular people cause you to compare yourself to them, just think about the unique abilities you have which differentiate you from them, and stop any further comparison. It is necessary for you to look at yourself as an unique individual which different strengths and weaknesses, not try to become better than others. After all, it is only healthy competition with yourself which will make you more positive in your life.

Take out a piece of paper and write down the things which make yourself unique. Whenever you start the long, meaningless rant of “I am worthless and…”, refer back to it. Discover any new talents in yourself instead of keeping them within yourself. Instead of finding the flaws in yourself, you must the true yourself.

Never go so busy making a living that you forget how to live a life. ❤️ –DOLLY PARTON


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  1. Vent of Life says:

    You’re interesting. You’re a similar writer to me haha I like it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. imbhaskar says:

    Nice way to express your thoughts,Keep writing Mohita ! 😀
    Waiting for your next posts…


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