Her long Instagram captions claimed that she didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought. Her photos were picture perfect, as if the cameras were made just to capture her. Her attitude was something that scared you like hell. You always thought she was out of your league. Someone who wouldn’t even think twice about […]


The Meeting

Wednesday 1 August 2018 Dear Diary, She sat at the other end of the circular red table. Everything in the room seemed traditional except the Windows Vista computer she used for storing documents related to her clients and their progress reports. The room had a yellow pale wallpaper which never failed to give me the […]

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The Rain

Today, the rain keeps falling. Rain starts with a few droplots Droplets turn into puddles on the ground. My thoughts are the droplets Sometimes when their burden gets too much They compile up. Puddles take time to dry up Just like the thoughts that won’t go away. Rain can either be too gloomy or too […]

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The Darkness

There is a beauty in the darkness. This darkness, feared by many Gives me solace at this hour of the night. I can now focus on the sounds Instead of sight I can hear my heart’s desires, whose hearing I had postponed during the day. I’ve heard what they say about the dark Of evil […]

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Pen Mightier Than The Sword

  The pen was mightier than the sword. The security guards shot guns at innocents in the concentration camp with full confidence it was a secret attack. But journalists’ writings and reports could spread the word About the torture faced by innocents at a time when their hopes of staying alive had sank. The pen […]

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Won’t Ever Know

  Can’t be that personal in crowded places. Won’t ever know your flaws, your darkest secrets, what makes you so unique. Won’t ever know what it is that you’re hiding from the judgemental society, Disguising yourself as who they want you to be. Will realise the importance of friendship in a gang, but not the […]

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